Architectural Model

Model in all its facets, all the craftsmanship of Agence CUB. Gaëtan de Magneval and his team produce models for architects, real estate developers and industrials.

The staging of the architectural model lets the clients own the project, to project them into it. It is a tangible form of communication. With architectural models, it is possible to transmit the nature and the progress of the ongoing development, the information being updated regularly with updates following the evolution of the project.

andscaping, lighting… Each element contributes to the architectural model’s realism and becomes the basis of your project.

The realization of architectural models is useful for developing urban planning projects. We distinguish :

  • The building model is used to present and bring to life projects in volume, it represents the main volume without unnecessary details, and it is closer to a sculpture than a traditional model.
  • The urban planning model, made in small scales like 1/500 or 1/1000, offers an overview of the district and allows to harmoniously introduce construction projects. It is meant to convince and reassure about the urban planning policy.
  • And the competition model, also known as white model. It is the simplest model. The building and its surroundings are white, only the glass is represented in clear material. It is most often used to present and defend a project before a jury.