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How long have you been doing this job?

I worked as a workshop manager 16 years ago and I was able to buy Agence Cub more than a decade ago.

Why choose to work with you rather than with another modeler?

I am a responsive, creative and organized person. In order to meet the customer’s request, I realize a precise and detailed expertise of his project. I respect its specifications and deadlines. I listen to his expectations and work with him (dimensions of the model, final rendering, cost reduction …). My goal is to create a model that meets all its requirements!

How do you work?

  • Following a request by mail or telephone, I recontact the client and ask him to communicate me: the plan of the project to propose a framing with several dimensions corresponding to the different scales regularly used.
  • He must also provide:
    – facades and / or perspectives of the project,
    – the completion time,
    – the purpose of the model: contest, launch of a program, first stone inauguration, presentation to the public, company presentation to employees, factory visit enlargement …
  • These different elements allow my team to determine the time needed to make the model.
  • Then we offer several options, legs, specific furniture, plexiglass showcase, outdoor lighting, interior with micro led and or fiber optic, flight case …
  • The level of detail is based on the size of the model (if the model must be detailed in color or white).

What techniques do you use?

The computer tool is essential to make a model. I use cutting and laser engraving. I mount each piece of the model by hand. I perform the painting work in a suitable paint booth and perform a precision masking.

Once these different operations are done, I put in place the animation: vegetation, characters, proposal of different types of trees according to the scale of the model…

Which model are you most proud of?

I am proud of the model of the house of Radio France located in Paris. I realized it in 2009, for the laying of the first stone of this gigantic construction site! It was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture of the time, Frédéric Mitterrand.
I realized it in extremely limited time! There were many details and interior and exterior lighting.
This project was won in an office created in 2008 for a national development of the agency.

Who are your main customers? (B to B, B to C …?)

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