Industrial Model

Industrial model allows you to present, convince and communicate.
It is the centrepiece of your professional trade shows, for training, or to display your equipment and your expertise.

This model of a tool-machine engine comes apart to allow you to properly show all its integrated parts. Thus, in order to allow concrete illustration of flow circulation, we adapt to your needs for an animated and attractive representation to catch the eye and trigger one’s interest. You have at your fingertips a powerful educational tool to explain and enhance your concepts and your innovations.

Industrial wind turbine model, animated model of a wind turbine alternator

This model puts forward the different technologies used by the client. It is employed during international trade shows or professional forums. This model is equipped with a hand-held device that allows you to scan micro barcodes attached, in order to display x-rays of the inside of the alternator. The system is autonomous and works without internet network, ensuring the client an absolute confidentiality.

Exhibition model for Nidaplast, who created a large quantity water recovery system

For this industrial model, we a technology called chose the powder sintering, also known as 3D printing. Agence CUB’s contribution to the model was the finishing, the painting of technical pieces and the management of the water circuit inside the model.

Model for GE Energy demonstrating the functioning of the alternator with the electrical conversion and the engines designed and created by GE Energy