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How long have you been doing this profession ?

I have been workshop manager 16 years ago and I have been able to redeem Agence CUB more than 10 years ago.

Why choose to work with you instead of another model maker ?

I am reactive, creative and organized. To reach client expectations, I realize a precise and detailed expertise of his project. I respect his specifications and deadlines. I listen to his needs and work in close collaboration with him (model’s dimensions, final rendering, costs reduction,…). My main goal is to make a model that fits perfectly his requirements !

How do you work ?

  • After a demand by email or telephone, I get back to the client and ask him to communicate the ground plan of the project, in order to suggest a framing with several dimensions corresponding to most used scales.
  • He also has to communicate :
           - Elevations and/or projects images
           - Deadlines,
           - Main goal of the model : competition, real estate program, first stone inauguration, public presentation, private presentation...
  • These different elements allow my team to determine the necessary time to realize the model.
  • Then, we suggest several options : base with feet, custom-made cabinet, clear case, showcase, exterior lighting, interior lighting with micro LED and/or optic fiber, flight case…
  • The level of detail is carried out according to the size of the model (if the model has a detailed color or white rendering, with or without details).

What techniques do you use ?

The computer tool is essential to realize a model. I use laser technology to cut and engrave. I assemble each part of the model by hand. I do all the painting in an adapted paint booth and realize a precise masking job.

Once these different operations done, I set the animation : vegetation, to-scale people, suggestion of different types of trees according to the scale of the model….

What model are you most proud of ?

I am proud of the model of the Radio France house, located in Paris. I realized it in 2009, for the first stone inauguration of this gigantic construction project ! It was inaugurated by the Culture Minister, Frédéric Mitterrand.
I realized it in extremely short deadlines ! There was a lot of details and exterior and interior lighting.
This project was won in an office created in 2008 for a national development of the agency.

Who are your main customers ? (B to B, B to C...?)

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