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Pedagogical demonstration model for the SNCF Maintenance Workshop Department


SNCF asked us to create a model to trace the actions of an operator when he intervenes on a faulty train.

To help us design it, SNCF gave us the following brief:

  • on the model, the operator must trace all the movements he makes and measure them.


  • He will then have to repeat the exercise by reorganizing the equipment he uses to troubleshoot the faulty train.

Example of our proposal

To answer this request, we proposed a playful and simple model of use:

  • the model is equipped with a red wire that is maintained by magnetic pins. The red wire allows the operator to measure the route he is performing.


  • The equipment used by the operator is also magnetized. It is therefore very easy to move them.

Comment by Stéphane Nobre 

Referent and Exop trainer at the direction of SNCF equipment

A big hat-trick to the entire Cub Agency team who, besides having made good-quality and true-to-life models, understood our objective, our constraints and was able to perfectly expression of our need through innovative technical solutions.

Listening, availability, flexibility and know-how are the qualities that we, SNCF, have appreciated the most during our collaboration with the CUB agency. We integrated their models in our training center to help trainees to confront the reality on the ground, to give the height of view, to pass the training messages on speaking examples. Thank you !

Comment by Bertrand Bocenco 

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