Program template real estate renovation

Renovation building model

A real estate model allows to present and validate concretely a project. It can be the renovation of an existing building, the integration of a new extension or the presentation of a building to rehabilitate.

Our models are realistic in terms of rendering of materials, vegetation or to-scale people. LED lighting allows to bring our models to life, and to make them more attractive during communication of your project. In order to fully integrate your show-room, our models come on a pedestal or are delivered with a custom-made cabinet. All our models provided with a clear case or showcase to protect them from dust and damage.

Real Estate development in Montreuil sur Mer.
The goal is to reassure and show the consistency of the new buildings’ insertion within the architecture of the city, classed as a historical monument.

EHPAD House for Les Petites Sœurs Des Pauvres, rue de Picpus, in Paris,
scale 1/87°, model meant to show the impact of the rehabilitation of the new building.

Model renovation and new construction, Project Novaxia, Model Paris

Prototype mockup to validate a concept

The store renovation mock-up for Sephora was an integral part of the decision-making process before launching a real-life operation.

This model has made it possible to define the location and proportions of communication elements, POS, furniture before the start of work. The model becomes the cement of a successful collaboration between the communication agency, the architect, the builder and the client.

SEPHORA Prototype model,
validation prototype before the start of the renovation.