Program mockup new property

Office model

Builder, developer, the real estate model: a full-fledged sales tool.
The buyer will better visualize with a building model since it is a tangible element to view the building location, green spaces around and the integration of the project in the existing environment.
We can offer different sizes and dimensions of models to fit your needs.

The attention to details and the finishing

The rendering of the construction materials, vegetation and to-scale people on the model contribute to striking realism.

LED lighting brings your models to life, becoming a genuine sales-asset through their striking realism.
In order to integrate models to your space, our models come on a base or a custom-made cabinet, and are provided with a clear case or a showcase to protect and enhance your model.

A must have promotion tool

Obtain love at first sight by exposing a model of your project. Investors and individual buyers shall discover the entire project set on its site and in its direct environment, scale 1/87, 1/100 or 1/160 according to the land use. All this in the blink of an eye at your booth during real estate exhibitions, in your sales offices, in your showrooms, or your new real estate developments.

Office model for Bolloré Group in Bénin

The challenge: producing the Real estate developer model in less than 15 days, for a presentation to Bénin’s president.

A few references of Agence CUB

Model for Kaufman & Broad of the new real estate development located in Wambrechies, in the north of France. Model equipped with LED lighting and optical fibre.

Massive real estate development in Casablanca, Morocco. The goal was to visualize the insertion of buildings in the city and allow clients to spot specific apartments for purchase.

Model of the new real estate development in Mouscron, Belgium. This model was a highly effective sales tool. It especially allows the localization of apartments available for sale.

Some references from the CUB agency

Model for Kaufman & amp; Broad of the new real estate program located in Wambrechies in the North. Model equipped with LED lighting and fiber optics.

Large real estate program in Casablanca, Morocco: the aim was to visualize the insertion of buildings in the city and the location of apartments to buy.

Model of the new real estate program in Mouscron, Belgium: valuable help with sales. It allows to locate apartments available for sale.

Real estate model, animated, furnished, lit and landscaped for France, Morocco, Belgium.